Why does brick-and-mortar location still matter in an e-commerce era? There are many reasons, and not all of them are strictly fiscal.

Felipe E. Oliveira, the 35-year-old founder of Percival Beer Co. (PBC), wants to open a brewery in Boston’s Dorchester neighborhood–just blocks from his childhood home, where his mother still lives, the Boston Globe reported. While there are logistical advantages to the prospective location, the main reason the site appeals to Oliveira is personal. He cares about the neighborhood.

That’s not something you hear founders say every day. On the list of reasons founders typically provide for picking a location, caring about the neighborhood often ranks behind rental costs, transportation logistics, visibility to customers, and appeal to employees.

All of which is to say: There are several factors that determine why a location is ideal for a certain business. And while many of them are directly related to dollars and cents, emotions also play a part. Here, inspired by Oliveira’s quest, is a checklist of seven questions to consider when choosing a location.

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